Faith Community United Methodist
Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Parent's Information

Parent Participation
     Parents are the most important factor in the success of a child’s education therefore Faith Community Preschool welcomes parents to observe their child’s class and volunteer when needed for special events, programs and field trips.  

Parent-Teacher Conferences
     Parent-Teacher Conferences will be scheduled in the spring.  Parents who have questions about our program or their child's progress are encouraged to talk to the child’s teacher or the Preschool Director any time during the school year.  When needed teachers will ask for a conference with parents or confer with the Preschool Director if needed.

Custody and Guardian Issues
     If there are custody decisions that affect who can pick up the student, parents should give any legal documents to the Preschool Director to be placed in the child’s file.  Teachers need to be aware of these decisions when dismissing the children.

Release to Non-Parent
     If someone besides the parent will be transporting the child to and from school, we need a written explanation.  If, at the last minute, someone else will be picking up your child, call the church office at 372-8757 or 372-7601 and describe who will be picking up the child.  Identification will be required if a person picking up a child is unknown to the teacher or director. Include the name of the person, physical description, and relationship to the child.  If your child will be picked up from the school by a person under 16 years old and walked either out to a waiting car or walked home a permission form must be on file with the preschool.
     When you bring your child to school and when you pick him/her up, please park in the parking lot.  Please do not leave your car in the driveway, even for the length of time it takes to walk your child into school or out of school.  Children must be closely supervised as they are coming into school.  There may be times when the church has a special event and therefore the parking lot will be even more congested.  We will try to warn parents ahead of time as much as possible of this occurring.