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Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Health and Safety
     We try to insure the safety of your child by following these policies: (1) The building and classrooms are designed with safety in mind.  Example:  One story building, two exits from each room.  (2) The activities planned are designed to be safe for 3 and 4 year olds.  The teacher will be with the children at all times.  (3) No child is left alone or unsupervised.  (4) As an extra precaution concerning cars, the parents will be required to escort their child to the classroom, not the door of the school.  Parents are also asked to make contact with the teacher to insure the teacher knows the student is there.  Please park in the parking lot, not the driveway area.  Thus a parent will always be with the child in the parking lot and hallway to insure the child's safety.  Parents or the parent representative are also required to pick children up at the door of the classroom at the end of the Preschool Day.  (5) A phone is available to make emergency calls or to contact parents.  (6) A monthly fire drill  (7) A plan is posted including phone numbers needed in an emergency, fire exits, and tornado shelters.  (8) No spray aerosols are used when the children are in the center.

Emergency Procedures
     An incident report will be completed when an accident or injury occurs and a copy will be given to the parents.  An Incident Report will be completed when; (1) an illness occurs which requires first aid treatment; (2) an accident which requires first aid treatment occurs; (3) an injury which requires first aid treatment; (4) there is a bump or blow to the head; (5) emergency transportation occurs; (6) an unusual or unexpected event which jeopardizes the safety of children or staff.
     In case of a Fire Teachers will take the attendance roster, secure the classroom and exit the building with all children to our safe meeting place, which is the Bike Path, west of the building.  All children will be accounted for and the administrator or staff in charge will be notified that all children are present.  The administrator or designee should be responsible for contacting the fire department.  No one should re-enter the building until the all clear is given.
     In case of a Weather Alert the Teacher will take the attendance roster, secure the classroom and lead the children to the men’s and women’s restrooms in the education hall.  All children will be accounted for and will assume the safe position – covering the head and neck.  If possible blankets will be used to cover the children.  The administrator or staff in charge will be notified that all children are present.  All children and teachers will stay in the “safe place” until the all clear is sounded.
     In case of an Emergency Evacuation (bomb threat, gas leak, etc.) the teachers will take the attendance roster, first aid kit and emergency contact information for children, account for all children and exit the building to the primary evacuation spot which is the bike path, west of the building.  Once at the primary evacuation spot account for all children with a name to face check off.  Teachers will then follow emergency personnel as to whether to stay in that spot or to proceed to the secondary evacuation spot which is the lawn to the east of the building.  Teachers will always follow the instructions of the emergency personnel and contact parents as soon as possible.  Teachers will continue to check attendance with a face to face check off on a regular basis to assure no children get lost.  An incident report must be completed and provided to parents as soon as possible and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services must be notified within 24 hours.
     If there is a Threat of Violence the teachers will secure children in a safe location and call 911.  Teachers will take the attendance roster with them and take a face-to-face attendance.  Parents will be notified as soon as possible and an incident report will be completed for parents.
     In case of Loss of Power, Water or Heat the utilities will be contacted to notify about the outage and assess the expected time of outage.  The director or designee will evaluate factors including safety, temperature, daylight, refrigeration requirements, and ability to follow sanitary hygiene practices.  The director or designee will make the determination whether the school needs to be closed or not. 
     In the event of a Serious Injury or Illness another staff member will call the parents while the teacher stays with the child.  A paramedic ambulance will be called on all major injuries and illnesses.  The teacher staying with the child will complete an assessment: Appearance, Breathing and Circulation and determine if EMS needs to be contacted.  The file containing each child's emergency phone numbers will be kept in Room 9, the teacher will consult the child’s health information to determine if a Medical/Physical health Care Plan has been completed for the child and contact the parents.  The teacher will provide basic first aid until EMS or parent arrives.  The teacher will complete an incident report and sanitize cot/blanket if used.  If blood or bodily fluids are involved remember to wear vinyl or non-latex gloves and will follow standard precautions for cleanup.  If the situation requires medical attention, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services will be notified within 24 hours of the incident and the report must be submitted within 3 days.
     In the case of a Dental Emergency the teacher will stay with the child and summon help.  The Dental First Aid Chart will be consulted, and the proper care will be given.  Parents will be notified as soon as possible.  If blood is involved, vinyl or non-latex gloves will be used and proper sanitizing procedures will be followed.
 Faith Community Preschool is only two blocks from a hospital, offering emergency care within a few minutes.  All teachers are trained in First Aid and Safety.

Child Abuse

     The day care regulations require all staff members report any cases of suspected child abuse.  If you suspect child abuse at our center or have any questions on this topic, contact the Greene County Children's Services Board.

     Since our school day is only 2 1/2 hours long, it is rarely necessary to administer medication, modified diets or food supplements to a child.  If it is essential for your child to take medicine during the school hours, a form, provided by the Preschool must be signed by the child's doctor concerning how and when to administer the medication.

Communicable Illnesses
     All staff members have been trained in signs and symptoms of communicable diseases and other illness in courses recognized by the Ohio day care regulations.  Children with these signs or symptoms of illness shall be immediately isolated and discharged to his parent or guardian or person designated by the parent or guardian:  (1) Temperature of at least one hundred degrees Fahrenheit when in combination with any other sign or symptom of illness.  (2) Diarrhea (three or more abnormally loose stools within a twenty-four hour period). (3) Severe coughing, causing the child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound. (4) Difficult or rapid breathing.  (5) Yellowish skin or eyes.  (6) Redness of the eye, thick and purulent (pus) discharge, matted eyelashes, burning, itching.  (7) Untreated, infected skin patches, unusual spots or rashes.  (8) Unusually dark urine and /or gray or white stool.  (9) Stiff neck with elevated temperature.  (10) Evidence of untreated lice, scabies, or other parasitic infestations.  (11) Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing.  (12) Vomiting more than one time or when accompanied by any other sign or symptom of illness.
     If a child displays any of these symptoms or signs of illness, the child will be isolated and the parents called.  One teacher will stay with the child, away from the other children, until the parents pick up the child.  A child isolated due to suspected communicable disease shall be: (1) Within sight and hearing of an adult at all times.  (2) Cared for in another room or portion of a room away from other children.  (3) Provided with a cot and made comfortable.  After use, the cot shall be disinfected with an appropriate germicide, or if soiled with blood, feces, vomitus or other body fluids, the cot shall be cleaned with soap and water and disinfected with an appropriate germicide.
     The Ohio Department of Health's Communicable Diseases Chart is located in Room 9 and is available for teachers and parents to consult.  The teacher or a note
will notify parents if one child in the class has had a communicable disease.
     A child who has been ill with a communicable disease may return to preschool with the permission of the doctor or the child has been free of any symptoms for at least 24 hours.  Parents may check the Communicable Disease Chart for guidelines as to when it is advisable for the child to return.
     Children with illnesses other than minor colds are encouraged to stay home.  Teachers with illnesses other than minor colds will also stay home.  Another teacher will substitute for a sick teacher.

Hygiene Policy
     Tissues:  There is a box of tissues in each room within easy access of the children.  Each child should be able to use a tissue when needed and throw it in the trash when done.
     Hand Washing:  Public health experts cite hand washing as the single most effective way to stop the spread of germs.  Therefore, children will be requested to wash their hands (1) after using the bathroom, (2) after wiping their nose with a tissue or hand, and (3) before snack.  Teachers will also use this frequent hand washing practice.
     Bathroom:  Children should be able to use the bathroom with minimal assistance from the teachers.  Children are expected to practice appropriate personal cleanliness procedures on an independent basis.  Teachers will help if needed with difficult clothes (snaps, buckles, etc.) or turning on the water faucet.