Faith Community United Methodist
Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Faith Community Preschool Behavior and Discipline Policy

     Faith Community Preschool expects all of the students to behave in an appropriate manner.  Teachers and all employees try to react in a positive manner to discipline problems.  Behavior and Discipline policy applies to all employees. Guidelines for unacceptable behavior would be:

1.The teacher should suggest to the child more acceptable behavior or a different activity.

2. If the child refuses to change his behavior, the teacher will require him to work alone on an activity or just sit by himself within the classroom setting until the child feels he can return to playing in a proper way.

3.  In the case of behavior that presents immediate danger to another child or to the child himself, the child will be quickly moved away from that violent or dangerous behavior.

4.  If a child behaves in such a way that might cause potential injury to himself or others, the teacher will try to explain proper behavior to the child.  If this activity occurs a second time, the teacher will contact the parents in hopes that together they can find a solution.  If the behavior occurs a third time, the teacher will request a parent-teacher conference to work to help the child correct the behavior.  (Examples of safety-oriented problems would be hitting, biting, spitting, or not staying with the group.)

Guidelines for Children’s Adjustment to Preschool Situation
     Since it takes some time for children to adjust to a new routine, our Preschool staff will make every attempt to help children fit into the routine of classroom activities.  If after a reasonable attempt by the teachers to help the child adjust, the child is unable to cope with the structure of the Preschool classroom the Teacher will request a conference with the parents to see if together, they can reach a solution.  If a problem still exists, the teachers, the Preschool Director, the Christian Education Director and parents will meet to suggest a resolution which best meet the needs of the child and the Preschool.